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Just like we pick up a lot of unnecessary junk as we go through life, our body picks up junk from the air we breathe, the food we eat, vaccinations, prescription drugs, and even the place each of us calls home. Silently, day-by-day, this unwanted stuff collects in the cells of the blood, lymphatic fluid, and cerebral spinal fluid. It's a normal part of everyday life. But nonetheless, it burdens our bodies and slows us down.

Maxam Nutraceutics' Founder and CEO, James Cole, found that "…the recurrent theme for good health was to bolster the immune system by supporting the body’s ability to remove waste, which is what PCA-Rx was designed to do! PCA-Rx utilizes the unique concept of clathration to help the body cleanse itself of these burdensome materials and toxins.

Why PCA-Rx?

Your body has built-in systems in place to identify, process and remove unwanted junk. We're built to get rid of contaminants as a natural function of our immune system, circulatory and digestive systems. But sometimes these built-in systems need some extra support to work at their best capacity.

PCA-Rx works with these waste-processing systems to effectively, naturally, selectively and gently remove all of these contaminants that are not a natural part of blood cells, lymphatic or cerebral spinal fluid.

PCA-Rx is your living breakthrough solution for a healthy body and mind. There is nothing quite like it available on the market that works so closely with your body to get rid of what it doesn't want. Nothing as gentle, selective or effective in helping your body "clean house".

PCA-Rx's unique living formulation helps your body . . .

  • Process and remove the normal accumulation of minerals
  • Process and remove toxins
  • Keep arterial and nerve tissues in top form for healthy blood flow and clear neural communications
  • Supports your body’s immune system.
  • Maintain healthy enzyme counts
  • Counter environmental challenges that lead to increased sensitivity, fatigue, and achiness

PCA-Rx is free of chemicals, vitamins, minerals, soy, gluten and other allergens. PCA-Rx is derived from a special fermentation process using live or wild food sources, which can be further explained here - SMART™ Nutrients. Get the PCA-Rx »


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PCA-Rx - May support the body's ability to remove waste and toxins, keep arterial and nerve tissues in top form for healthy blood flow and clear neural communications, maintain healthy enzyme counts and counter environmental challenges.
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