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Great Story For Brian's Step Dad (10/20/2009)
My step-dad, who's in his early sixties and in recent years, was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He had been controlling his diet and exercising regularly, but felt that there was still something more he could do to improve his situation.

Also, throughout his life, he seemed to always be the one person who caught everyone else's cold. So around November, I gave him a bottle of PC3, along with a bottle of that I had, to try for a couple of months.

I told him that with Maxatropin he would be surprised at the difference a few squirts each day of both products would have on his health. Within a week, he was a convert. His sleeping patterns stabilized and amazingly, he stopped snoring too. He has far more energy now than he's had in the last several years. Probably the biggest accomplishment is the fact that he has gone through the winter without catching a single cold, even though family members have had strep throat, the flu and the common cold.

After several years of preaching to him about the success of the 'Rx' line of products, he now can't stop talking about his own success with them. I have gained my first convert. Be on the watch for a new customer !!

Brian & Bianca M - US