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Miracle Worker (1/15/2010)
Hi Christy – It was wonderful to speak to you; your passion for these products is infectious!

I have had wonderful experiences with AFX. In June 2009 I went to a doctor because I had lost 16 lbs in 4 months, was having severe digestion problems, and was at that point only able to eat lettuce and soft fruit without pain. I was depleted and malnourished. We set to work rebuilding, and I was given a bottle of AFX. Amazingly, just after about 1 week of taking AFX I could think clearly, I didn’t feel like I needed a nap just two hours after waking up in the morning, and even had energy! Two months ago I ran out of a bottle and didn’t reorder on time, so was about 2 weeks without it. I have been feeling so great that I didn’t think it would matter. Two weeks without AFX and I was back with the old symptoms. I was never happier to see that package as I was when I finally got my new bottle in the mail. I feel that AFX really helped save me, and introduced me to a company with amazing products.

Metta - Orlando
Colton and PCA and AFX (11/24/2009)
Dear Christy,

I started my son, Colton, on PCA and AFX on October 10, 2009. In only
a month and a half he has gone from waking up in the middle of the night
at 3 or 4am to sleeping through the night more soundly.

He actually took an apple slice and ate it and then came back for a
second one! Before that, he would only eat applesauce. So now he is
trying new foods, too.

He is repeating everyone's words very clearly like he is trying to process
what we are saying. Not only words but actions! I had to laugh when he
waved goodbye and his hand was backwards waving at himself.

I am happy and relieved that my mother ordered PCA and AFX and started
giving it to Colton. He takes it so well and we count the sprays while he
takes it.

Thank you so much for your products. I like the fact that they are more

I'll keep you posted on Colton's progress in the future. Thank you.

Marilyn - Burlington, MI